Does Nintendo of America Do Tours?

does nintendo of america do tours

As a fan of Nintendo, have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at their headquarters? Are you curious about the history of the company, from their beginnings in arcade machines to the modern era of gaming? Many fans share your curiosity and want to experience a tour of Nintendo of America.

But the question remains: does Nintendo of America do tours?

In this article, we will explore the topic of Nintendo tours and what fans can expect from an immersive tour experience. From behind-the-scenes glimpses of the world of Nintendo to exclusive access and insider knowledge, we will cover it all. So, continue reading to learn more about whether Nintendo of America offers tours and what the tour experience entails.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many fans are curious about the inner workings of Nintendo and want to experience a tour of Nintendo of America.
  • In this article, we will explore the topic of Nintendo tours and what fans can expect from an immersive tour experience.
  • We will cover topics such as behind-the-scenes glimpses of the world of Nintendo, virtual tours, the Nintendo store experience, and more.
  • Stay tuned to learn everything you need to know about whether Nintendo of America offers tours and how to make the most of your tour experience.

The World of Nintendo: Exploring Behind the Scenes

For many fans of Nintendo, the desire to explore the inner workings of the company is strong. With the company’s headquarters located in Redmond, Washington, some have wondered if Nintendo of America offers tours for the public.

The good news is that Nintendo of America indeed offers tours, providing an inside look at the company’s operations and history. Visitors can explore the world of Nintendo, learning more about its iconic characters such as Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong.

The World of Nintendo: Exploring Behind the Scenes

During the tour, visitors can see the various departments that make up Nintendo of America, including product testing, localization, and marketing. The tour also includes a visit to the Treehouse, where Nintendo’s developers create and refine their games.

In addition to providing a behind-the-scenes look at the company, the tour offers interactive experiences such as playing classic Nintendo games and participating in trivia contests. Visitors can even take a photo with life-sized statues of their favorite characters.

While the tour is a must-see for diehard Nintendo fans, it is also an educational experience for those interested in the gaming industry. The tour provides insight into the company’s history, including its journey from arcade machines to the modern era of gaming and its innovative products such as the Nintendo Switch.

Overall, the World of Nintendo tour offers a unique and memorable experience for visitors of all ages. Book your tour in advance to ensure availability and enjoy exploring the world of Nintendo!

Unveiling the Nintendo Online Experience

For fans who cannot visit Nintendo of America in person, the possibility of an online tour is tantalizing. While there are currently no official virtual tours available, Nintendo Online offers a unique opportunity to experience Nintendo games online alongside fellow fans from around the world.

Players can join online communities and engage in multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Nintendo’s online gaming experience aims to connect fans and create a sense of community, even when physical visits are not possible.

In addition, fans can explore Nintendo’s website for a virtual tour of their headquarters in Kyoto, Japan. The tour offers a glimpse into the history of Nintendo, including their earliest arcade games and iconic consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Game Boy.

While not quite the same as visiting in person, the Nintendo Online experience and virtual tour offer a unique way for fans to engage with the company and learn more about their favorite games and consoles.

Nintendo Switch: A Portable Gaming Adventure

The Nintendo Switch has become one of the most popular gaming consoles worldwide, thanks to its innovative design and wide range of games. As a result, many fans may wonder if Nintendo of America offers tours that showcase the Nintendo Switch and its capabilities. While the Switch is a significant part of the company’s offerings, it is not the sole focus of the tours at Nintendo of America.

That being said, visitors to the headquarters may get the chance to see the Switch in action during their tour. The tour typically includes a visit to the Nintendo Treehouse, where developers are hard at work creating new games and content. While there, you may get a sneak peek at upcoming titles that may feature the Switch.

Overall, the Switch is a crucial aspect of Nintendo’s current success, and it may be showcased in some way during a tour of their headquarters. However, fans should keep in mind that the tour is designed to provide a well-rounded experience of Nintendo of America and not just focus on one particular product.

Nintendo’s Legacy: From Arcade Machines to Virtual Reality

Since its founding in 1889, Nintendo has evolved from a manufacturer of traditional Japanese playing cards to a leading player in the video game industry. In the 1970s, Nintendo began producing arcade machines. This led to the release of their first home console, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), in 1985.

Over the years, Nintendo has continued to innovate and push the boundaries of gaming technology. In 1996, they released the Nintendo 64, which featured 3D graphics and was the first console to use analog stick controls. In 2004, they introduced the Nintendo DS, a handheld console with dual screens. The company’s most recent console, the Nintendo Switch, was released in 2017 as a hybrid device that can be used as both a home console and a portable device.

Nintendo’s impact on the gaming industry extends beyond just hardware. The company is responsible for iconic franchises such as Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon, as well as groundbreaking games like Donkey Kong and Super Smash Bros. They have also made significant contributions to the development of virtual reality.

“At Nintendo, we are constantly innovating and striving to create new experiences for our fans,” says Reggie Fils-Aimé, former President and COO of Nintendo of America.

Nintendo’s rich history and commitment to innovation make them a fascinating subject for fans and industry professionals alike. Visiting the Nintendo of America headquarters provides a unique opportunity to explore the legacy of this iconic company and experience their latest technology firsthand.

Exploring the Nintendo Store: A Haven for Fans

For many Nintendo enthusiasts, a tour of Nintendo of America’s headquarters is just the beginning of the ultimate fan experience. One of the must-visit spots for any Nintendo fan is the Nintendo store, located at the company’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

The Nintendo store is a haven for fans, offering official Nintendo merchandise, exclusive products, and rare finds that are not available anywhere else. Visitors can browse through a vast collection of Nintendo-themed items, from t-shirts and hats to collectible figurines and plush toys.

For those who want to take their love for Nintendo to the next level, the store offers a unique opportunity to purchase exclusive products that are only available at the store. These items include limited-edition consoles and accessories, as well as rare collectibles that are sure to impress any Nintendo fan.

In addition to the merchandise, the Nintendo store provides a fun and immersive experience for visitors. The store features interactive displays that allow fans to test out the latest games and consoles, as well as a photo booth where visitors can take pictures with life-size Nintendo characters.

Exclusive Access: The VIP Nintendo Store Tour

If you want to experience the ultimate fan experience, consider booking a VIP Nintendo store tour. This exclusive tour offers fans a behind-the-scenes look at the store, including a private shopping experience and the chance to meet with Nintendo experts.

During the tour, visitors will have exclusive access to the store’s hidden gems, rare finds, and limited-edition items. They will also have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the history of Nintendo and its products from the company’s knowledgeable staff.

If you’re a die-hard Nintendo fan, a visit to the Nintendo store is an essential part of your visit to Nintendo of America’s headquarters. Be sure to check ahead for any COVID-19 safety protocols and hours of operation before planning your visit.

The Nintendo Community: Engaging with Fans

Nintendo of America values its fans and strives to engage with them as much as possible. One way to do this is by providing various events and experiences that allow fans to interact with the company and each other.

The Nintendo tour is a great opportunity for fans to connect with the company and other fans. During the tour, visitors can learn about the history of Nintendo, explore behind-the-scenes areas, and even play unreleased games. This immersive experience is an excellent way for fans to connect with the company and its products.

Fan Events

Additionally, Nintendo hosts various events throughout the year that allow fans to meet and interact with each other. These events range from gaming competitions to meet-and-greet sessions with popular Nintendo characters. Fans can also participate in online events, such as tournaments and giveaways.

These events provide an opportunity for fans to connect with each other and share their love for Nintendo. It’s a great way to build a community of fans and celebrate the company’s products.

Fan Interaction

Nintendo also actively engages with its fans on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The company uses these platforms to share news, upcoming releases, and interact with fans through comments and DMs. Nintendo also has an official community forum platform called the Nintendo Switch Online app that allows players to connect and play games with one another.

By engaging with fans through various platforms, Nintendo creates a sense of community among its fans. This connection allows fans to share their experiences and feedback with the company, which can help shape future products.

“Nintendo has always been about bringing people together through gaming. We value our fans and the community we’ve built, and we’re always looking for ways to engage with them,” says Reggie Fils-Aimé, former President of Nintendo of America.

Nintendo’s commitment to its fans is evident through its numerous events and interactions. By creating an engaged and active community, the company can continue to grow and evolve alongside its fans.

Uncovering the Tour Secrets: Insider Information

If you’re planning a visit to Nintendo of America for a tour, there are a few insider tips to keep in mind.

Firstly, it’s important to note that tours are only offered on specific dates and times, so be sure to check the availability before booking your tour.

It’s also worth mentioning that tours typically last around 90 minutes, so plan your schedule accordingly. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as there will be a significant amount of walking involved.

During the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to see some of Nintendo’s most iconic games and consoles up close, so bring your camera to capture some amazing memories.

Another insider tip is to keep an eye out for any exclusive access or special events that may be offered during your visit. Nintendo of America occasionally provides fans with unique opportunities to interact with the company and its employees, so be sure to take advantage of these if they arise.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Nintendo store after your tour. Here you’ll find a wide range of official merchandise and souvenirs to remember your visit by.

By following these insider tips, you’ll be able to maximize your tour experience and make the most of your visit to Nintendo of America.

Beyond Nintendo: Exploring Gaming Industry Tours

While a tour of Nintendo of America’s headquarters is a dream come true for many fans, it is not the only option for those interested in exploring the gaming industry. Several other gaming companies offer immersive experiences and behind-the-scenes tours.

One such company is Blizzard Entertainment, known for games such as World of Warcraft and Overwatch. Blizzard offers tours of their headquarters in Irvine, California, allowing visitors to see the development process of their popular games.

Another company worth exploring is Valve Corporation, the developer behind games such as Portal and Half-Life. Located in Bellevue, Washington, Valve offers tours where fans can see everything from concept art to motion capture in action.

In addition to individual companies, gaming conventions provide an opportunity to interact with multiple companies at once. Events such as E3, PAX, and Gamescom bring together developers, publishers, and fans from all over the world. These events offer a chance to play demos of upcoming games, attend panels with industry professionals, and even meet your favorite developers.

Whether it’s a tour of a specific company or a large gaming convention, exploring the gaming industry can be a thrilling experience for fans. With so many options available, it’s worth exploring beyond just Nintendo of America.

Booking Your Nintendo Tour: How and When

If you’re interested in experiencing the world of Nintendo up close and personal, you may be wondering how to book a tour of the Nintendo of America headquarters. Luckily, the process is straightforward and easy to navigate!

The first step is to check the availability of tours. Nintendo of America offers tours on a limited basis and they tend to fill up quickly, so it’s important to plan ahead. You can check for available tours and book your spot through the Nintendo of America Visitor Center website.

When booking your tour, you’ll need to provide personal information for each member of your party, including full names and birthdates. It’s also important to note that tours are only available for guests aged 7 and up, and groups can have no more than 10 people.

Once you’ve booked your tour, it’s important to arrive on time for check-in. Late arrivals may not be accommodated and tour times cannot be extended. On the day of your tour, you’ll need to bring a valid government-issued ID with you for check-in.

It’s also important to note that the tour experience is subject to change at any time and without notice. Some areas may be temporarily closed or unavailable, and the tour route may change based on the needs of Nintendo of America. However, the tour always includes a visit to the Nintendo store, where you can purchase official merchandise and souvenirs.

Overall, the Nintendo of America tour is an exciting and immersive experience for fans of all ages. By following the steps above and planning ahead, you can secure your spot and make the most of your visit to the headquarters of one of the world’s most beloved gaming companies.

Testimonials: What Fans Say About Nintendo Tours

Curious what fans have to say about their experience on a Nintendo tour? Here are some testimonials:

“I’ve been a lifelong Nintendo fan and visiting the headquarters was a dream come true. The tour was incredibly insightful and it was amazing to see the development process behind my favorite games. I even got to play some unreleased titles!” – Mark, 27

“I took my son on a Nintendo tour for his birthday and it was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given him. Seeing the behind the scenes process was fascinating and the tour guides were so passionate about their work. We both left feeling inspired.” – Lisa, 45

These are just a few examples of the positive feedback from fans who have visited Nintendo of America’s headquarters. From lifelong fans to parents sharing their love of Nintendo with their children, the tour experience seems to be universally appreciated. Book your tour now and see for yourself!


After exploring the topic of Nintendo of America offering tours, it is clear that the desire to explore the inner workings of Nintendo is high among fans. While there are no official tours offered by the company, there are other ways to experience the world of Nintendo.

Virtual tours or online experiences may be an option for those unable to visit the headquarters in person, and the Nintendo store offers a haven for fans seeking official merchandise and a unique shopping experience.

Additionally, events and opportunities for fan interaction provide a sense of community and engagement with the brand. Insider information and tips for maximizing the tour experience can also enhance the overall visit.

While Nintendo of America does not currently offer tours, there are still many ways for fans to immerse themselves in the world of Nintendo and the larger gaming industry. By booking tours with other gaming companies or exploring immersive experiences, fans can continue to feed their passion for gaming and satisfy their curiosity about the industry.

Confirmation of tours may be subject to availability and planning a visit in advance is recommended. Overall, although Nintendo of America does not currently offer tours, there are still many ways for fans to explore the exciting world of Nintendo and the gaming industry as a whole.


Q: Does Nintendo of America Do Tours?

A: Yes, Nintendo of America offers tours for fans to explore the inner workings of the company.

Q: What can I expect from the tour?

A: During the tour, you will get a behind-the-scenes look at Nintendo’s headquarters in America and gain insight into their operations.

Q: Can I take a virtual tour of Nintendo if I can’t visit in person?

A: Nintendo does not currently offer virtual tours or online experiences, but you can still stay connected with the Nintendo Online platform for gaming.

Q: Does the Nintendo Switch have any influence on the tours?

A: The popularity of the Nintendo Switch has not directly influenced the tours offered by Nintendo of America. However, the console may be showcased during the tour as part of the overall experience.

Q: What is Nintendo’s history in the gaming industry?

A: Nintendo has a rich history, starting with their success in arcade machines and expanding into the modern era of gaming, including virtual reality.

Q: Can I visit the Nintendo Store as part of the tour?

A: While the Nintendo Store is not explicitly mentioned as part of the tour, it’s possible that it may be included as a stop, providing fans with a chance to explore and purchase official merchandise.

Q: How does Nintendo engage with fans on the tour?

A: Nintendo offers various events and opportunities for fans to interact with the company during the tour, providing a personalized and engaging experience.

Q: Are there any insider tips for maximizing the tour experience?

A: While specific insider information may not be provided, it’s recommended to make the most of your tour experience by being prepared, asking questions, and fully immersing yourself in the Nintendo world.

Q: Are there other gaming industry tours available?

A: Apart from Nintendo, there are other gaming companies that offer tours, providing immersive experiences into the broader gaming industry.

Q: How do I book a Nintendo tour?

A: To book a Nintendo tour, you can check the availability and make arrangements through the official Nintendo of America website. It’s recommended to plan your visit in advance.

Q: What do fans say about Nintendo tours?

A: Fans who have experienced the Nintendo tour have shared positive testimonials and reviews, highlighting the unique and memorable experiences they had.

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